Dr. Olivia Franks, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Olivia Franks is a gifted Naturopathic Doctor with expertise in hormone balancing.  She loves to help men and women through the ups and downs of the various hormonal shifts in life by investigating – in-depth – your endocrine, digestive, and genetic status to find your unique support cocktail.

Dr. Franks had the honor of starting the first few years of her career working under Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, the founder of bioidentical hormone therapy and a pioneer of many naturopathic and functional medicine therapies.  While working with Dr. Wright, Dr. Franks also consulted for other medical providers from all over the world about the complexity of hormone testing and the interplay of endocrine hormones. She co-authored with Dr. Wright the article “Estriol: Its Weakness Is Its Strength,” published in Life Extension magazine. She is also mentioned in Suzanne Somers’s book Knockout.

A native of Toronto, Canada, Dr. Olivia Franks has been in practice in Washington state for over 15 years and comes from a family of medical pioneers and inventors. Her grandmother was the first female psychiatrist in Canada, and her grandfather invented the Gravity Suit or G Suit (a precursor of our current space suit) and worked with Banting and Best on the discovery of insulin. Dr. Franks sought to learn Naturopathy from a young age after learning about how different vitamins could help transform different health issues, and after working with Naturopathic Doctors for her own health needs.

In congruence with her heritage, Dr. Franks enjoys solving the unique puzzle of each individual’s health concerns by taking the time to address each person as a whole. She views each body system as inherently connected and that this connection cannot be ignored. By making room to look at the whole picture she can truly fine tune your health and help you feel your best.

In her free time, Dr Franks enjoys spending time in nature, skiing, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing (when in Canada), sailing, and gardening. She loves all things food and gathering in the company of friends and family.


Dr. Douglas McDonald

Medical Doctor

Dr. Douglas McDonald MD is a Board Certified Family Physician, and started a successful family practice in Redmond, Washington after completing his residency in 1985. He is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Medicine.

He says “I have always been interested in discovering the scientific evidence behind the treatments and therapies we employ—to find out what is actually true. I combine that with an excitement and fascination with the research supporting therapies aimed at wellness, disease prevention and optimal aging management. I consider this to be the cutting edge of medicine, rather than some ‘alternative’ or fringe branch of medicine.” As a result, he began studying the emerging field of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and has been certified since 2014. He has treated hundreds of patients in the last several years, with humor and compassion, and finds it fascinating, rewarding, gratifying and lots of fun!

He retired from his practice of family medicine with Swedish in March, 2021 and is excited to carry on helping patients improve their quality of life, as well as reduce the risk of degenerative disease, as they travel through the aging process. He has patients from across the country who are enjoying improved energy and well-being through the science-based use of bioidentical hormones.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to developing progressive expertise in other interventions, such as peptide treatment and use of evidence based supplements, to live as healthy and vigorously as possible as people get older. “I see myself as an educator and guide in shared decision-making with my patients. It is so important that they understand and have confidence in the plan we make together. I strive to have the most current medical data to dispel the myths and misunderstandings that arise in the health care field.”

He and his wife Karen recently relocated back to Cle Elum. Although Dr. McDonald grew up in the greater Seattle area, his family roots are here in Cle Elum. His grandfather was a coal miner in Ronald, his father grew up here, and he spent much time gathering mushrooms, fishing Lake Cle Elum and enjoying family holidays here. “Coming back here feels like coming home.”

He looks forward to lazy sunny days fishing the rivers, exploring the region on motorcycle, bicycle and foot, and getting involved in the community.

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Dr. Julie Figgins

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Julie Figgins began her career as a naturopathic physician in 2006 right here in Ellensburg, Washington.  After practicing here for ten years, she moved to Walla Walla with her family and practiced there part-time for five years while enjoying her young son.  Most recently, the Figgins family has returned to Ellensburg after eighteen months living on the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea.  It was a great adventure, yet Dr. Figgins is happy to be back in her hometown, this time as part of the very welcoming Swiftwater Medical team.

Over the years, Dr. Figgins has also found a love for teaching.  She has taught environmental medicine to naturopathic medical students through National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in Lombard, Illinois since 2019.  She also teaches multiple courses in integrative nutrition and functional medicine to graduate and under-graduate students remotely through Huntington University of Health Sciences (HUHS) in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Working in higher education allows Dr. Figgins to bury her head in the scientific literature, helping her to bring the most current research into clinical practice.

Dr. Figgins’ practice focuses on an integrative approach to mild to moderate anxiety and depression, stress and fatigue, digestive issues such as IBS, inflammatory conditions, a natural approach to many women’s health concerns, blood sugar and lipid health, and chemical sensitivity and environmental toxicity.

Dr. Figgins is a member of the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the National Academy of Environmental Medicine.

In her spare time, Dr. Figgins enjoys hiking, travel, good food, and quality time with friends and family.

Dr Figgins is accepting new clients at our Ellensburg Office on Thursdays.


Kodi Murphey

Registered Nurse

Kodi Murphey is our right hand at Swiftwater Naturopathic. She is a registered nurse previously providing care in oncology. She attained her nursing degree at Shoreline Community College and then went on to work at Providence Oncology department. When asked what drew her to nursing her reply is “My mom says I proclaimed it from a very young age – no one in my family is in medicine so who knows, but I love it and it’s a natural fit for me and the human connection is the best part.”

Meet her once and you will easily get that she genuinely cares about people. Her favorite part of being a nurse is the great diversity of things to learn about in medicine and the diversity of people we encounter. No two days or two people are alike which makes nursing a very interesting and continually educational career.

She loves natural medicine because mother nature makes complete sense to her. She is in awe of science and the natural world. Her parents were also hippies and taught her to garden organically and to get outdoors and live life. Besides gardening and being the best nurse and assistant any naturopath could ask for Kodi loves careening down the mountains on her mountain bike, creating new vegetarian meals and exploring the west coast with her husband and cute dog Summit in their RV.



Registered Nurse

Hi! My name is Kelleen and I have been a WA state licensed Master Esthetician since 2012.

I started my career off in laser treatments, chemical peels and micro needling with PRP, however; my passion for lasers led me into the surgery field for the past 8 years where I gained even more knowledge as well as really awesome sterile techniques.

My goal is to help my client reach their desired goals as well and full mind body wellness is my passion.

I am currently completing classes as an energy practitioner/healer as well as PMU, working towards expanding my skills and knowledge is always a top priority for me!

drop us a line.

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