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Vitamin IV Therapy Pros and Cons

We provide IV therapy and medically administered intramuscular injections, among other services. Vitamin IV Therapy is a non-invasive, effective method to nourish and/or rehydrate the body and improve performance. Our highly trained medical staff at our Washington medical spa administer our IVs.

Rather than losing active nutrients via the digestive system, nutrient IV Therapy provides what your body requires directly into circulation and at a therapeutic concentration that is hard to achieve through the digestive tract. The effects of these therapies may be profound, with improvements in general health including:

  • Boosting immunity
  • Relieving headaches and migraines
  • Improving energy production
  • Improving the performance of athletes
  • Enhancing recovery times and healing
  • Improving brain and neurological health
  • Removing heavy metals stored in the body.
  • Improving hair, skin and nail health
  • Support during cancer treatment.
  • And more.


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Feel Your Best Inside and Out

Types of Nutrient IV Therapy we offer

Nutrient IV Therapy covers all bases with a variety of potent therapeutic agents to improve daily performance and sports performance, promote healing, or hasten recovery after surgery.

  • Vitamin IV: The Vitamin IV is based on the original Myer’s Cocktail created by Dr Myers. This cocktail is considered the gold standard in IV Therapy, and combines a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins,  minerals, and trace minerals that work together to accelerate metabolism, improve vitality and immune strength,  alleviate tiredness, decrease inflammation, and expedite recovery.
  • Immunity boost: When important nutrients are supplied straight into the bloodstream, your body reacts swiftly. Immune-boosting IV Therapy may contain zinc, vitamin C , selenium and glutathione for detoxification and immune support.
  • Beauty Inside Out IV: Promote radiant skin and hair with an extra infusion of biotin combined with minerals and vitamin C for healthy skin, hair and nails, along with a high dosage of glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful agent for skin, detoxification and brain health. It is great for smoothing and firming skin, improving your complexion, and restoring a youthful glow from the inside out! Our ladies love this one.
  • High Dose Vitamin C IV: Vitamin C in higher doses has been studied to push vitamin C into cells where it can help your body to kill viruses and any abnormal cells like cancer cells. This treatment is based on the research of Dr Jeanne Drisko out of the University of Kansas.  She has also shown this is effective against viral illness.
  • Chelation IV: We have all been exposed to heavy metals whether from our own mother’s breast milk or the water we drink and food we eat. Heavy metals bioaccumulate in the body over the course of our lives and have been associated with disease, such as neurological deficits and cardiovascular deterioration. Chelating agents are able to hold heavy metals inside their molecules to safely and painlessly move heavy metals through your system and excrete them through your urine. Chelation IV therapy can be beneficial for many women and men in living in the 21st century. It can also be extremely helpful to undergo Chelation IV before having a baby as part of your preconception care to reduce stored toxic heavy metals so they won’t pass through breastmilk to your baby.
  • Plaquex IVPlaquex is a specific fatty acid found in every membrane of every cell in our body.  One way to improve cellular health is to replace toxic degraded fats with healthy fresh ones.   IV Plaquex has been shown to help improve brain, liver and kidney function, improve cholesterol levels and can clear plaque from arteries.  It has been shown in several studies to prevent ulcers caused by NSAIDS like diclofenac and indomethacin and can also help with psoriasis. 

Nutrient injections

Overactivity, stress, and illness can all result in nutrient depletion. Nutrient Injections are quick treatments our nurses administer within just 10 minutes to nourish your body, boost depleted nutrients, and your overall health.

  • B Vitamin shot: This shot replenishes all the B vitamins, which often get used up when we are busy and active. Extra B vitamins can also be very helpful for women before their periods. People generally notice a pleasant boost in their energy for the day after receiving this shot.
  • Lipotrophic shot: Amino acids and B vitamins support healthy liver detox aiding in weight loss and improving sleep and mood.
  • Tri-immune shot: A quick easy way to keep illness away. Vitamin C, zinc and glutathione give you that extra edge to not get sick, while also improving skin and overall health. 
  • Glutathione shot: Give yourself a healthy glow while also helping your body repair DNA, enhance detoxification, and improve neurological health and mental clarity.  If aging is metaphorically like a rusting car this is the antidote!

Swiftwater Medical

We can help you with Vitamin IV therapy

We find that vitamin IV treatments and intramuscular injections generate visible and palpable effects for our patients. One of our physicians will assess what IV treatment is best for you. We follow meticulous  health and safety procedures for our patients. All our IV treatments are delivered by highly experienced nurses and certified medical personnel under the supervision of physicians. For higher concentration of vitamin C we require a simple blood test to ensure you will not react to the treatment. 

How does nutrient IV therapy work?

IV Therapy, also known as “infusion therapy,” is a sterile saline solution that is fortified with vitamins, antioxidants,  minerals, and amino acids.

While consuming nutritious meals is an important aspect to maintain overall health, IV Therapy enables crucial nutrients to be administered straight into your circulation.  Unfortunately, not all meals are nutritious. Commercially farmed foods lack the nutrients they formerly had, and your body desires what it can’t receive from a typical diet. IV therapy allows you to quickly and efficiently replace nutrients.

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Welcome to a new approach to biohacking your way to maximum wellbeing with IV Vitamin treatments. Each IV mix contains substances that have been hand-selected from high-quality, certified local American pharmacies.

You’ll restore your body’s health while relaxing and rejuvenating in our tranquil wellness lounge.

Work one-on-one with a medical practitioner who will assist you in determining the most effective IV treatments to achieve your most critical health goals.

Our wellness and rehabilitation treatments are personalized to your specific requirements, allowing you to live life to the fullest. Boost your defenses. Boost your healing. Improve your health and happiness.

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Give yourself a boost of nourishing energy that won’t deplete you like stimulants such as caffeine do. B complex and Methylcobalamine (B12 in its easiest to assimilate form). B vitamins are used by essentially every enzymatice process in the body. Everyday stress, whether good stress or bad stress causes our body to need more B vitamin. This along with nutrient depleted food – either highly processed or grown in nutrient depleted soil from modern farming practices leaves most of depleted in B vitamin. Expect a noticeable boost in your energy.

A short treatment of Magnesium given by IV. Studies have shown this to be a clinically significant benefit to migraine sufferers. One study showed 86% responded with resolution of their migraine by 20min. PMID: 1251702

A cocktail chocked full of Vitamin C, Trace minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, B complex, B5, B6 in its most active form and B12 in its most active form. This is an overall health boost great for immune boosting, adrenal health, before and after endurance athletic events, and before and after travel. It can be tailored to your individual needs.

A strong IV of high doses of Vitamin C and electrolytes. Studies have found that in high doses Vitamin C can help the body’s fight against cancer.

Chelating agents such as DMPS and CaEDTA are use to grab metals and safely transport then out of your body. The full IV with both agents in used before testing to check body burden of metals. Subsequent IV’s to remove metals depend on your results. Heavy metals are now found in fertilizers applied to farmer’s fields and thus in our food supply, fatty fish such as the mercury found in Tuna, water from lead cauterized pipes in old homes, air, makeup, and many other sources. When we are exposed to metals some will be excreted but often some ends up stored in our tissues – fatty tissue, organs, even our bones. Thus our exposure over time accumulates. Pre/Menopausal women starts to turnover bone and are often are re-exposed to metals during this hormonal shift. This is a great time for chelation. Conversely, women preparing to get pregnant are also advised to check metal levels as these metals are passed to our children through breast milk. Heavy metals contribute to neurological problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

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IV Therapy is a relatively inexpensive technique, costing between $100 and $300 each session for a blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

IV Therapy may provide the assistance your body requires for greater health and fewer symptoms, whether you are usually healthy or have a problem you wish to address. These treatments can help to improve a variety of illnesses, prevent sickness, promote energy, attention, and productivity, and hydrate, repair, and improve one’s overall health.

IV Therapy may provide the assistance your body requires for greater health and fewer symptoms, whether you are usually healthy or have a problem you wish to address. These treatments can help to improve a variety of illnesses, prevent sickness, promote energy, attention, and productivity, and hydrate, repair, and improve one’s overall health.

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A member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours to answer your questions.