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Our services include expert Naturopathic and Functional Medicine, IV Therapy, Functional Nutrition and Aesthetic services.

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Whether it’s having your health thoroughly reviewed and promptly addressed, getting your hormones in balance with an expert in this arena, or dialing in your nutrition or skin care regimen, having experts on your team helps you achieve in a few months what might otherwise take you years. Time is one of your scarcest assets. Let us help you achieve the balance your body, mind, and soul is craving. Schedule an Appointment now

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Dr. Olivia Franks, ND

We guide you to optimal health by getting to the roots of your medical problems with modern diagnostics and naturopathic detective work. Our goal is to restore wellness and vitality with proven natural remedies, strategic use of medications, lifestyle and dietary coaching with Functional Nutrition, targetted IV vitamin therapy and expert skin care with our Master Aesthetician. It is an honor to guide each individual on their unique health journey.

medical spa in Washington

Swiftwater Medical

Permanent Laser Hair Removal, Microneedling and Aesthetics

Professional Skincare line

is here!

We are so excited to have our Lumenis Laser and the highly effective Skinceuticals skincare line in the house! Lumenis has been the leader in the laser field for decades and Skinceuticals produces amazing results using natural ingredients. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more specials and promotions.

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Swiftwater Integrative Medicine

  • Rates for Dr Franks, Dr Figgins and Dr McDonald if paid at time of service. Dr Franks is contracted with the following insurances: Premera, Regence, Lifewise, Asuris, Blue Shield Blue Cross. Dr McDonald is not contracted with any insurance.

    • First appt(60-75 min): $315-365
    • 15 minconsult: $79
    • 30 minconsult: $158
    • 45 minconsult: $ 237

Laser Hair Removal (Save 10% off a package of 6)
Laser hair removal has become more pleasant and effective thanks to technological improvements. It merely takes a few minutes to do LHR on the underarms, face, or bikini region. We can even treat a whole man’s back in 10 minutes since we use the most up-to-date Lumenis laser.. You can combine it with Dermaplaning to get amazing results.

  • Upper Lip: $100
  • Underarms: $160
  • Half Arm: $180
  • Full Arms: $300
  • Bikini: $160
  • Extra Bikini/Brazilian: $180
  • Half Legs: $300
  • Full Legs: $450
  • Sideburns: $100
  • Chin: $100
  • Full Face: $130
  • Neck/Beard: $130
  • Back: $300
  • Chest: $300

• ───────────────── •

Vascular & Pigment Corrective Laser

  • Full Face: $350
  • Spot Treatment $150

• ───────────────── •

Anyone who wants to change the appearance and texture of their skin’s surface is a good candidate for microneedling. Microneedling may help with dry skin, blotchy skin, rough texture, loose skin, age spots, wrinkles, acne, and scars.

  • Full Face: $300
  • Neck: $200
  • Scars/Stretch Marks: $150-$350

• ───────────────── •

◈ Microneedling w/ Additional Natural Collagen-Stimulators (Save 10% off a package of 3)
Microneedling with additional natural collagen-stimulators may also be used to counteract the consequences of sun damage, such as rough texture and hyperpigmentation on the skin. This procedure is not suggested for people who have blood disorders, anemia, or malignancies of the blood or bones. Patients who use blood thinners or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should stop taking them for a few weeks before their treatment and for a few days following, as directed by their doctor.

  • Full Face: $500
  • Neck: $300
  • Scars/Stretch Marks: $250-$350

• ───────────────── •


Facial Peels: $150-$350 (Save 10% off a package of 3)
Facials: $99 (Save 10% off a package of 6)
Dermaplane: $99 (add on $79) (Save 10% of a package off 6)

◈ B Vitamin Shot: $20

Give yourself a boost of nourishing energy that won’t deplete you like stimulants such as caffeine do. B complex and Methylcobalamine (B12 in its easiest to assimilate form). B vitamins are used by essentially every enzymatice process in the body. Everyday stress, whether good stress or bad stress causes our body to need more B vitamin. This along with nutrient depleted food – either highly processed or grown in nutrient depleted soil from modern farming practices leaves most of depleted in B vitamin. Expect a noticeable boost in your energy.

• ───────────────── •

◈ Migraine-Magnesium Short IV: $45
A short treatment of Magnesium given by IV. Studies have shown this to be a clinically significant benefit to migraine sufferers. One study showed 86% responded with resolution of their migraine by 20min. PMID: 1251702

• ───────────────── •

◈ Vitamin IV: $150
A cocktail chocked full of Vitamin C, Trace minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, B complex, B5, B6 in its most active form and B12 in its most active form. This is an overall health boost great for immune boosting, adrenal health, before and after endurance athletic events, and before and after travel. It can be tailored to your individual needs.

• ───────────────── •

◈ Vitamin C IV: $220-300
A strong IV of high doses of Vitamin C and electrolytes. Studies have found that in high doses Vitamin C can help the body’s fight against cancer.

• ───────────────── •

◈ Heavy metal Chelation IV $150-180
Chelating agents such as DMPS and CaEDTA are use to grab metals and safely transport then out of your body. The full IV with both agents in used before testing to check body burden of metals. Subsequent IV’s to remove metals depend on your results. Heavy metals are now found in fertilizers applied to farmer’s fields and thus in our food supply, fatty fish such as the mercury found in Tuna, water from lead cauterized pipes in old homes, air, makeup, and many other sources. When we are exposed to metals some will be excreted but often some ends up stored in our tissues – fatty tissue, organs, even our bones. Thus our exposure over time accumulates. Pre/Menopausal women starts to turnover bone and are often are re-exposed to metals during this hormonal shift. This is a great time for chelation. Conversely, women preparing to get pregnant are also advised to check metal levels as these metals are passed to our children through breast milk. Heavy metals contribute to neurological problems.

Initial Nutrition Assessment: $175 (*not including supplements – 90 minutes)
This is a comprehensive deep dive into your health which involves a nutrition assessment, 3 day food and mood journal, MFT testing, medical history and review of labs/testing if applicable. You will have a 6 week protocol to start addressing foundational work that is focused on digestion/gut support, blood sugar regulation, mineral repletion and lifestyle. The initial assessment cost comes off of a package if you choose to sign up after completion

  • Follow-up Appointment: $95 (*not including supplements – 60 minutes)
  • Reassess food and supplement protocol with discussion of any other testing as needed.

• ───────────────── •

◈ Step 1 – The Foundations Package: $750 (*not including supplements – 12 weeks)
This is addressing initial issues with gut dysfunction, blood sugar control, nutrition basics with a focus on optimizing drainage and supporting mitochondria. Initial Assessment involving deep dive into medical background, bloodwork (if applicable), nutrition assessment questionarre, 3 day food/mood journal, food and supplement protocol (MFT if client wants) based off all recommendations

  • Two Follow-up appointments – 30 minutes
  • Go over nutrition assessment, food/mood journal and redose supplements, reevaluate protocol
  • Last call evaluate if client is ready to start Detox protocols
  • Four Check-in phone calls – 15 minutes, in-between appointments and for questions/support

• ───────────────── •

◈ Step 2 – The Detox Package: $950 (*not including supplements – 24 weeks)
This is addressing root cause issues with toxic overburden in the body such as parasites, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, & mold exposure. Go over nutrition assessment, discuss what symptoms are still presenting, 3 day food/mood journal, food and supplement protocol (MFT if client wants) based off all recommendations

  • Three Follow-up appointments – 30 minutes
  • Go over nutrition assessment, food/mood journal and redose supplements, reevaluate protocol
  • Last call evaluate if client is ready to start Detox protocols
  • Four Check-in phone calls – 15 minutes, in-between appointments and for questions/support

• ───────────────── •

◈ Group Nutrition Program: $200
6 week program designed to help you better understand how to fuel your body to promote weight loss, lower inflammation, heal the gut and bring your foundational health back into balance.

  •  Initial group zoom call to go over the program
  • Group zoom call questions and answers weekly
  • 24/7 community support through Slack
  • Nutrition handouts, shopping guides, recipes, etc.
  • Foundational supplement support
  • Sublingual Immunotherapy is an effective way of desensitizing the body to common environment allergens such as hay, tree pollens, molds, cats, dogs, horses etc. Instead of using weekly shots, drops are taken under the tongue daily at home, making this a much more convenient, pain-free, effective treatment.

    • Testing: $30-400 (Covered by many insurance carriers)
    • Treatment drops: $90

Our Team

Swiftwater Integrative Medicine


Dr. Olivia Franks

Medical Doctor

Meet Dr Olivia Franks and the Swiftwater Integrative Medicine Team. We proudly serve the Ellensburg and Cle Elum, WA areas.


Dr. Douglas McDonald

Medical Doctor

Dr. Douglas McDonald MD is a Board Certified Family Physician, and started a successful family practice in Redmond, Washington.


Kodi Murphey

Registered Nurse

Kodi Murphey is our right hand at Swiftwater Naturopathic. She is a registered nurse previously providing care in oncology.


Abby Jamison


Abby Jamison has several years’ experience as a board-certified Master Aesthetician. She has always had a love for aesthetics.


Ashley Henry


Ashley Henry is our Nutritionist at Swiftwater Integrative Medicine. She has a Bachelors degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

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